Made with natural quartz, Viatera® surfaces

Acrylic Solid Surface


In 1976, LG Hausys were the first company in Korea to develop uPVC windows.


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The SAMA Group is a strong well-diversified conglomerate which is active on areas of Architect Interior Construction, Green building product, LG-uPVC windows,LG HI-MACS Acrylic Solid Surface and infrastructure. With its highly motivated and qualified employees, the SAMA Group assures customer satisfaction in terms of quality of the product and service. Powered by Professional team of visionaries, with an experience of over two decades.

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LG Hausys
LG Hausys
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We provide the leading material with perfect quality and no compromise service to our customers. Quality, Quantity and Timely Delivery are our key ethics which drive happiness in our customers

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We have more reputed clients availing our services for the company. These clients are all over India. Our Major clients are located in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.

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