A long-awaited bathroom renovation began with Viatera. Adapt Design of Portland, Oregon was tapped to bring a family's dream of 15 years to life with upgraded bathrooms. Saving up for the project for years made the family price-conscious, but they didn't want to sacrifice style. With Viatera, they didn't have to.


"We began with the countertop," said Adapt Design's Hannah Hacker. "I always approach material selection by picking one feature the client loves. It becomes the focus of the project, and all the other elements in the room coordinate with that piece." In this case, that piece was Viatera's quartz countertop in Minuet. "Viatera's Minuet was the inspiration for the whole project. From the beginning, the product's bright white and cool gray tones fit the style my clients wanted in the bathrooms. They loved the look of natural stone, but they didn't like the price or the work that goes into maintaining a surface that stains and scratches so easily. Minuet was the perfect solution."


Adapt Design focuses on bringing designs to life through environmentally safe practices. Because of its commitment to creating beautiful, environmentally conscious materials, Viatera has many qualifications that perfectly met the clients' and designer's

Standards: One of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz is stronger than most stones. Viatera is made from 93 percent quartz. Its nonporous surface is scratch and stain-resistant, making it a durable and sanitary alternative to traditional countertop materials.
Natural stone can be more expensive both in initial cost and ongoing upkeep, but Viatera is an affordable, easily maintained alternative.
Viatera's manufacturing process is NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) and Greenguard certified.

"Quartz is by far the most common material for countertops right now. No one wants to go through the hassle of sealing and cleaning marble or granite. Quartz is a fantastic, low-maintenance choice that fits everyone's budget," Hacker said.


"We ultimately chose Viatera because of the cost, unique color choices and realistic stone patterns it offered," Hacker said.
"Viatera helped us achieve the desired aesthetic at a reasonable price point." Adapt Design installed Viatera countertops in Minuet in both the master and guest bathrooms. In the master bathroom, Minuet's smooth alabaster hue marbled with soft gray creates a serene, sophisticated space. The demure blue walls subtly contrast with the pale counter, while the fresh white cabinets offer a pop of brightness. The silver finishes accent the gray veining throughout the countertop. Viatera's Minuet stands out against the cheerful aquamarine walls in the guest bathroom. A backsplash of geometric white tiles offers a contrast to the delicate pattern of the counter. The new bathrooms were a huge success. "My clients love the new countertops. These spaces are classic and sophisticated - exactly what they wanted. There's serenity not just in the atmosphere, but in knowing they have the highest quality surface for an affordable price."


The family is already looking ahead to more remodeling projects. "They want to do the kitchen next," Hacker said. "Quartz is a great surface for cooking and eating, because it's so sanitary. It's nonporous and scratch-resistant, so bacteria and germs can't hide in crevices. And with all the colors and patterns Viatera offers, it could be the inspiration for this room, too."


  • Hannah Hacker (Adapt Design)