• Enhanced water tightness with raised track rail system(30mm) and stair type structure
  • Manual pop-up handle(1~4 Locking cams available) and Automatic pop-up handle(Double locking cams available)
  • Heavy load sustainable roller with silky opening

Application : 

Residential A.P.T(Seacoast)

Drawing : 

Vertical A-A'

Horizontal B-B'


1 BF-68ND Frame Profile
2 SF-85ND Sash Profile
3 MC-85ND Interlock Profile
4 GB-5ND Grazing Bead
5 BF-68ND Reinforcement  Reinforcement (1.0~2.5 mm)
6 SF-85ND Reinforcement Reinforcement (1.0~2.5 mm)
7 ROLLER-77ND Roller(Stainless Steel + Nylon)
8 F -PIECE-135 Filling Piece
9 SF STOPPER-75ND Sash Stopper
10 MOHAIR-115 Woolpile
11 GS-22TT Out Gasket
12 Handle 77ND Handle system